The Wood Element in Chinese Medicine and a Healing for Spring Time

Lamb is Spring Time

Lamb is Spring Time

Spring in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Medicine Spring is related to the Wood Element. The power of Wood is birth and as you can see in the picture above new plants and animals are born is Spring. The character of the Wood element is mu (Weiger, 1965). The vertical line is the tree trunk  and root, the horizontal line the earth and the diagonal lines are the roots. It is clear that much of the tree lies beneath the earth.



Spring is a time when the yang energy of warmth and the increased sunlight seeds begin to sprout and trees are growing upwards and outwards. Branches will bend towards the sunlight to help their growth. They are flexible.  

The Wood Element

In people Wood energy manifests as creativity, flexibility, determination, expression and growth, both physical and mental. Ideally the flow of energy is smooth like a flowing river. An example of this can be seen in the flowing movements of Taiji and Qigong. However sometimes like a growing tree we can become stuck and frustrated, we may have difficulty adapting. Though a plant or tree cannot shift it's location humans often need to change their work or living place in order to thrive (Hicks, Hicks and Mole, 2004).

Sound of Wood

The sound of Wood is shouting. A voice that is shouting may sound angry. The rising qi may give the voice forcefullness. It will either sound loud or certain words will have more emphasis than would be normal. If you can hear someone having a normal conversation from a distance they probably have an imbalance in the Wood Element (Hicks, Hicks and Mole, 2004).

Wind and the Wood Element

The climate of Wood is Wind. Wind is a potent force in Spring. Many people can feel unconfortable in strong wind. Other people find it bracing and exhilarating. Wind can invade the body causing symptoms such as aversion to cold, fever, sneezing. It can also becreated internally casuing symptoms such as irratability, cramps, dizziness and itching (Maciocia, 2005, p683-687).

Food and Springtime

Too many heavy fatty foods clog the Liver causing spring fits and fevers. Foods that help to stimlate the Liver include tumeric, cumin and black pepper (Pitchford, 2002, p326). Some foods such as beans can cause wind whilst others naturally decrease  it. These include fennel, pine nuts, peppermint and celery (Tan, 2018.)

Anger is the Emotion of the Wood Element

There are times when anger is the natural response to a hurt or injustice. If you are cut up in traffic or you see something you perceive as being wrong you may be angry. This is normal and natural. If the anger passes in a normal amount of time this is fine. However we may instead have no response to an injustice or get overly angry at a perceived. Frustration is another emotion related to the Wood Element. Frustration can lead to rage if the Wood energy is high or to resignation and apathy if it is low (Maciocia, 2005, p247).

Spring Cleaning

In the past spring cleaning often involved taking objects outside in the wind to air them and get rid of the dust and cobwebs. On a personal level Spring is a time that emotions come to the surface. It is a good idea if we can consciously release these feelings. It is a good time to face challenges and stop procrastinating (Marguilis).

Acupuncture and the Wood Element

Acupuncture can be used to help with the Wood element in people. It can help to reduce anger, clear frustration and to help smooth the flow of energy around the body. It can help to reduce the pain and the frequency of headaches caused by an imbalance in the Wood Energy (Russel and Koppelman). If a persons main imbalance is in the Wood Element 5 element acupuncture can be used to diagnose and treat this element. This would help to bring balance and all the other elements in turn (Hicks, Hicks and Mole, 2004).

Healing Session

Looking Down on Ladybower Reservoir

Looking Down on Ladybower Reservoir

I've created a healing session to help with Spring Time and the Wood Element. To receive the healing you will need to call it in. This is done via intention. Here is how to do it: relax, and state your intention out loud or silently, to receive this Spring Time Healing from Geoff, for your highest good and highest healing. If you are visual you can concentrate on the picture above.


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