Sun and Wind Healing

Sun and Wind in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Medicine sun and Summer relate to the Fire Element, and Wind and Spring relate to the Wood Element. Wood is the mother of Fire. This can be easily imagined since wood can be burned to make fire. Sun is warming and yang in nature. Wind is dynamic and yang in nature. Some people of a Woody nature can find being out in windy weather to be exhilarating. As I write we are coming to the end of Spring, the Wood element and soon will be heading into Summer and the Fire Element.

Sun and Wind Healing

I was outside earlier in the week doing some exercises and stretches. I was in the sunshine but a fairly strong wind was blowing. I found that I was being warmed by the sun and cooled by the wind. I found that if I kept moving I was warm enough to stay outside. The combination of sun and wind was invigorating and it kept me out exercising longer than normal. I wanted to create a healing that gave a similar fealing, one of warmth and invigoration.

To receive the healing you will need to call it in. This is done via intention. Here is how to do it: relax, and state your intention out loud or silently, to receive this Sun and Wind Healing from Geoff, for your highest good and highest healing. If you are visual you can concentrate on the picture below: 


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