Woodland Healing

Tatton Park

Tatton Park

To receive the healing session all you need to do is read through the passage below and look at the pictures to help you visualize the events.

Imagine walking into a deer park. The path is lined with large beech trees. The deer roam freely through the park. The sheep are newly shawn. Rabbits scatter and run for their warrens as you approach. A light breeze blows through the trees. In ancient times stone age settlers camped by the lake. You feel a deep connection to nature. You wander through the park until you reach a mill pond. A swan move gracefully through the water. You sit on a nearby bench, close your eyes and listen to the sound of rushing water. You have a deep feeling of relaxation and stillness.



You sit here for five minutes allowing your mind to wander gently. You feel transported back in medieval times. When you open your eyes you see that your clothing has changed. A wizard with a long grey beard dressed all in red leads you through the park to the lake. As he does so he imparts lost wisdom. Just being in his presence leaves you with a warm feeling inside. Crossing over a bridge you see a heron in the river searching for fish. The sun gleams on the water. You move through the trees and arrive at a large oak tree by the lake. The day is warm and you decide to bathe in the lake. You feel the water washing away your troubles. You sit in the sunshine to dry off. You feel energized with a new sense of purpose in your life. As you walk back towards the entrance you hear the sound of cars in the distance and realize you are back in the present day.